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I live in such an incredible city and attend such an amazing school.

Last night, when we found out that Obama was going to again be our president, my friends and I dropped everything we were doing, grabbed our jackets, and literally RAN to the White House.

Kids from GW swamped the streets. People were chanting “USA, USA!” and “OBAMA” over and over. At the White House kids had rainbow flags, Obama posters, even a life size cardboard Obama, tons of people hugging, kissing, cracking open beers, screaming, partying, and I was so overwhelmed. Someone popped bottles of champagne over the crowd. The people were scattered with groups of people singing God Bless America and The Star Spangled Banner. It was beautiful. 

I was and am so happy. I am really proud of my country. And even though I didn’t support Obama in 2008 (because I was 13, stupid, and highly influenced by my parents’ ideas), I’ve come to realize how much I actually like him. I’m falling in love with our president and I am so happy that I have four more years of him as Commander In Chief. 

That’s it for me talking about politics. I don’t necessarily care about politics much, but this is what going to GWU does to you. 

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